“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable”. — John F. Kennedy

I am one of the people who believe that this so-called democratic system operating in Nigeria today cannot bring progress for her people. I believe the Nigerian political system is not right as corruption and irresponsibility in public service is a huge wall against our progress. Now, today we seek to achieve greatness and since even putting a righteous man to rise through the ranks to the offices of leadership so long it is this system Nigeria cannot be better as corruption is somewhat institutionalised.

Now, a lot of us seek to achieve this through several means and many particularly the young and energetic are singing songs of revolution and yes I do agree, since this system of “demo-crazy” cannot guarantee good governance why don’t we eliminate it. And we say we have tried all means, we try to vote, we comment on the internet, we talk on the topic at symposiums, we make suggestions, we pray to God, we honestly do our jobs etc. and it seems we are the fools in this whole situation. Revolution seems to be what is left but is it the appropriate option? The necessary step? The sure step?

Revolution seems like a dream, people power, we eliminate the evil elements in government and set up a good, balanced society we are proud of and willing to comfortably leave for our kids. But now, do we know what we want? A revolution is necessary but we need to actually prepare our minds for this if its what is necessary today. We need to realise that a revolution without proper education and unified purposeful plan or dream is vital especially in Nigeria where we have several tribes. We have to understand that it is our houses, property, schools etc. that may be burnt, so we all have to be strong and united. And be ready to build, to sustain and to do what we must do in the future. We must educate each other.

We should educate one another. Make plans. Guarantee our finance. We see the Arab spring where an unorganised externally inspired uprising resulted in nothing more than a Pyrrhic victory. Now the post revolution President Morsi has been ousted and Egypt may go decades behind in progress. We must educate each other and make us ready for our dream in all areas of our post revolution existence.

Education and truth is the key, when we are all enlightened we can see properly the future we wish to enter and do what is necessary.

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today” —Malcolm X

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Atuchukwu Kamsi O.