I have observed with keen interest the reaction of my age group and perhaps, people of my generation to the attempted bombing of a Detroit bound flight by Abdul Mutallab, barely three days after his 23rd birthday. The average Nigerian youth is disgusted by his actions, most are particularly disgusted at the fact that a kid from a rich home would waste his life for a reason most of them describe as ‘stupid’. Some say he has worsened Nigeria’s foreign image. I do not wish to defend Abdul but in my usual manner I just wish to tell the truth as thought by my mind. Abdul’s actions were based on religious philosophy and in loyalty to that which he thinks is right. He showed that there is more to life than money. Religious, philosophical and ideological loyalty is something lacking in the world today, a world where money is the only thing that truely inspires people. Check it out, from marriages to education, friendships to projects, we do all with the hope of having a better life through wealth. I know someone or something has to be blamed and I think it’s the institution put in place that inspired the engineering student to attempt the bombing. He is a victim of an already existing problem. We, the Nigerian youths are not any different from Abdul, the only difference is that we are cheaper and more desperate. The Anambra state elections are around the corner, just check out what our students and youths would be used for. I’m not saying we should go bombing planes with innocent people in them but I think we should be ready to go any length for our thoughts. Perhaps, if my dad’s generation had such philosophies we would not even care about going to the U.S. because Nigeria would be a better place. My aim is to let every one reading this have the Mutallab spirit, but we should have it directed to a just and revolutionary cause. Back to laying blames, I think the Muslim world’s actions are just a reaction to America’s enforced ‘big brother’ role. America should respect the sovereignty of other states. Al-quaeda etc. are in reaction to the threat to freedom they see the U.S. to be. The problem is the U.S. Perhaps if the U.S. respected other nations, the Arabs would not be on the offensive, al-quaeda would not exist, Mutallab would not be in the news, and this note would never have been written. Thanks.

Atuchukwu Kamsi O.
16 January 2010